The San sebastiano lake in isili

At the center of the lake, on a small island, stands the church of San Sebastiano, which is reflected in the water, creating an evocative panorama with a play of light and color. From the building of worship the basin takes its name: you can reach it by swimming or canoeing to discover how much truth there is in the ancient legends about it.
The lake of San Sebastiano, in the territory of Isili, is formed by the dam of is Barrocus that bars the river Mannu . In its waters, in the shores and in the surroundings you can practice sport fishing, canoeing, climbing and excursions. To contour there is the path of the Trenino Verde, that skirts the lake and continues until Sorgono. The old railway line, however, which led to the Medio Campidano, now in disuse, is perfect for trekking and mountain biking.
San Sebastiano is also fed by the Rio Corrigas: on its banks rise imposing cliffs, formed about 23 million years ago, when most of Sardinia was still under water.
Sports climbing enthusiasts come here from all over Europe and climb overhanging walls that have more than three hundred bolted ‘routes’ with various degrees of difficulty. Anche free climber professionisti di livello internazionale scelgono le rocce calcaree della zona di is Barroccus, frequentate tutto l’anno, in particolare quelle di su Pizzu ‘e Nedda, che si innalzano in una stretta gola e formano suggestivi canyon.
The territory of Isili is made of sweet cultivated slopes and flat and fertile countryside. Here you can take nature trails on foot, horseback or bicycle and you will find countless prehistoric traces: menhirs, megalithic tombs domus de Janas and 48 nuraghi, among which Is Paras Atzinnara and Nuraxi Longu stand out.
There are also the remains of Punic and Roman settlements, in particular two arches of a bridge over the Rio Brabaciera dating back to the II-III century AD. Not to be missed is the historical center of the town with churches of high artistic value and the Museum of Copper and Textile Art, unique in Sardinia. Don’t miss Bistiris e Prenda, an event where 400 traditional costumes from all over the island parade.