su stampu de su turrunu

Immersed in the luxuriant and uncontaminated nature of the forest of Addolì, between Barbagia and Ogliastra, in a border area between Seulo and Sadali, there is a small masterpiece of nature, at the same time a swallow hole, a cave and a resurgence with a waterfall and a small lake. Su Stampu de su Turrunu is a singular tunnel, developed in the Jurassic rocks of the Tacchi – typical mountains with steep walls – and generated by the erosion of water, which flows into a small cave where you can admire the flow of a stream, su Longufresu, which creates a 16-meter drop and a small lake, and then continues its descent towards the valley.

The karst phenomenon of extraordinary beauty, the roar of the waterfall immersed in the thick green that breaks into the pond, the silver reflections of clear water give vitality to the environment and make it one of the most striking natural monuments of Sardinia. The water is the main actress, after having dug the swallow hole, magically resurfaces in the cave. The cavity has a regular and roundish shape, wrapped in lush vegetation and surrounded by limestone walls covered with moss and climbing grasses. An ensemble that smacks of the strength and grandeur of nature: it will leave you with a feeling that is hard to forget. The karst phenomenon over millions of years has created a gorge where many streams converge have allowed the birth of an environment rich in plant essences: a real ‘water landscape’.

You will easily reach the natural monument through a marked path or with the help of specialized guides. The itinerary in the heart of the territories of Seulo and Sadali, cannot leave out a visit to the near and enchanted Is Janas, caves – according to the legend – dwelling place of three fairies, which extend for 350 meters and can be visited almost entirely. The excursion will end in Sadali, ‘the kingdom of water’, where in the middle of the town, near the parish church of San Valentino, there is a waterfall, whose waters end up in an underground chasm, sa bucca manna (the big mouth).