Master class of Sardinian sweets and fresh pasta processing

The courses are thematic and articulated as follows:

Processing of fresh pasta – overview of the varieties of fresh pasta in the Sardinian tradition and the ‘traditional use of durum wheat and semolina flour in cooking. Preparation of some varieties of fresh pasta and fregola. The course, which takes place in a friendly and familiar atmosphere, includes a snack.

Ravioli preparation – Participants will learn how to prepare various types of traditional ravioli, including ‘a spighitta’.

Preparation of Sardinian sweets made with almond paste: guefos, fried ravioli, gateau

Preparation of sebadas – Overview of flours and fresh cheeses to be used for the filling.

Preparation of pardulas, typical Easter dessert

Location: in the summer months in the open space of the garden, or in the open space kitchen of the structure.

Costs: € 50 per person, € 20 children. (including snack in the middle of the course). Minimum 6 participants. Duration: about 2/3 hours.
The courses can be customized, if there are special requests.