Flumendosa lake

Green valleys and blue skies are reflected in the water as in a painting, in a lake in the central-eastern part of Sardinia you can practice many sports and make unforgettable excursions by boat, assisting to enchanting panoramas.

It will appear to your sight as a shining stone: its shining waters seem to be set among the mountains, which create, together with outcropping rocks, spectacular contrasts of light and shadow. The lake of Medio Flumendosa is formed by the homonymous river which crosses the central-southern part of Sardinia for 127 kilometers. The watercourse is barricaded with two dams. The first one is in the gorge of Bau Muggeris, at 800 meters of height, and it forms a basin six kilometers long and one and a half wide. The second dam, built in 1952 to produce energy and irrigate the Campidano, is located at 268 meters high, and forms the beautiful and extensive lake Flumendosa, 17 kilometers long and about 500 meters wide within the territories of Sarcidano and Barbagia di Seulo.
The mirror of water of a pure blue is a destination for suggestive excursions by boat: you will live an unforgettable experience on Mississipi-style boats, with shovel wheels and an upper bridge from which to admire the landscape. In addition to the romantic (or family) excursion, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as canoeing, sport fishing and wakeboarding. The embarkation point is located near the Trenino Verde stop which, together with the boat, is the only way to explore this wild area of Sardinia.
In the ‘land of lakes’ – Flumendosa and Mulargia, connected by a tunnel, and Is Barrocus – nature reveals itself with unexpected and suggestive panoramas to be discovered in trekking, archaeological and enogastronomic itineraries. Starting from the lakes, through mountains and hills, forests and waterfalls, caves and gorges, up to the cliffs of Isili, known for its climbing walls: the landscape varies and the activities to do multiply. You will meet natural monuments such as that, unique of its kind, of su Stampu de su Turrunu – a triple karst phenomenon, swallow hole, cave, karst resurgence with waterfall and pond – and such as the waterfalls and caves of Sadali. Among the archaeological evidence, not to be missed are the menhir-statues of Goni and Nurallao and the nuragic architecture of Is Paras (Isili) and Nuraghe Arrubiu (Orroli). Each locality reveals its ancient wisdom, which can be found in the local products: breads and cheeses, oils and wines, good meat and delicious sweets.