Agreements with restaurants

Collaboration with the farm holidays “Sa Pinnetta” of Mario and Maria Luisa.Immersed in the hills of Trexenta and located in the locality of “Parapetza”, the farm is distinguished by the authenticity of its dishes, typical of traditional Sardinian cuisine. Their menu proposes:Starters: Ham, sausage, bacon, mustela and guanciale. Seasoned cheese, snails in sauce, battered vegetables, …

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Horse Riding

Equestrian tourism is a style of slow travel that allows you to enjoy the excellence of the landscape, food and wine, history and architecture of an area rich in culture and natural beauty.
The giara of Serri opens up to numerous itineraries that can be traveled on horseback.

Events in Serri

The calendar of the festivities that take place in Serri is full of appointments, important occasions for the preservation of identity and tradition.

sa stiddiosa

“A corner of paradise”, “tropical landscape”, “a unique waterfall”, “never seen anything like it”, “a fantastic experience”, “an enchantment”, “pure magic”, “a piece of Sardinia to carry in your eyes, in your heart and on your skin forever”. Here are the comments of those who have visited sa Stiddiosa, a masterpiece of nature along the course of the river Flumendosa.

su stampu de su turrunu

A masterpiece of nature. On the overhang of a limestone wall, on the border between Sadali and Seulo, the water has dug a hole where it plunges from a height of about 8 meters to reappear, as if by magic, in a cave with a clear lake in the middle. The scenario is completed by streams of crystal clear water and rare plant essences. A unique natural monument, result of a triple karst phenomenon, will fascinate you at the gates of Barbagia, near the center of Sardinia.

is janas

Near the northern limit of the province of South Sardinia, almost in the center of the island, there is a place of legend, a fairy cavern, as the name itself testifies, hidden by waterfalls, a world of stalactites and stalagmites and rare fauna. According to ancient legend it was the home of three janas (fairies) who were petrified for having killed a monk. The walls of the cave are covered with marble flows and drapes, almost giving you the feeling that a storm of white stalactites is looming over you.

The San sebastiano lake in isili

The dam in the gorge of is Barrocus collects the waters coming from the Mannu river and has created, in the territory of Isili, the lake of san Sebastiano. The name derives from the church dedicated to the saint built on the calcareous rock in the middle of the waters of the lake. The church is reflected in the water generating a suggestive panorama with games of lights and colors.

Nuraghe arrubbiu in orroli

In Sarcidano, in central-southern Sardinia, there is one of the greatest protohistoric monuments of Western Europe, the most imposing megalithic structure of the island, as well as the only known nuraghe with five towers.
It owes its name to the red lichens that cover it almost entirely: arrubiu means red.

Flumendosa lake

Theater of fascinating excursions by boat, it will present itself to you as a shimmering stone: the waters of Lake Flumendosa sparkle and seem set among the mountains. Its narrow valley lies on the crystalline basement that forms the backbone of the whole island. The shadowy areas created by mountains and rocks that emerge from the surface complete a spectacle that you absolutely must not miss.