Agreements with restaurants

Collaboration with the farm holidays “Sa Pinnetta” of Mario and Maria Luisa.
Immersed in the hills of Trexenta and located in the locality of “Parapetza”, the farm is distinguished by the authenticity of its dishes, typical of traditional Sardinian cuisine.
Their menu proposes:
Starters: Ham, sausage, bacon, mustela and guanciale. Seasoned cheese, snails in sauce, battered vegetables, fried symbua with fresh sausage. Vegetable fritelline and other tasty appetizers of their production.
First courses: Malloreddusu with fresh sausage, fregola sarda with mushrooms and guanciale.
Secound course: Magroncello stewed with cannonau, roast suckling pig and vegetables.
Sweets, water, wine, soft drinks, coffee and bitters.
€ 33 per person. Children up to 3 years old do not pay.
From 4 to 10 years pay € 15.

Collaboration with the Sentieri Ducali and the Pizzeria “My Dream” of Nicola Matta, located in the heart of the historic center in Via Roma 28, a few steps from the House Museum “Is lollas de is Aiaiusu”.
The package includes:
Visit to the House Museum “Is lollas de is Aiaiusu” + dinner with pizza, drink and coffee: € 15
Visit to the House Museum “Is lollas de is Aiaiusu” + dinner with steak, side dish, drink and coffee: € 20
For lunch advance booking is required at 0709879002 Monday closed.
The following package also applies to the visit to the Museum of Sacred Art “PeregrinatioFidei”.

Osteria “La Forchetta”

Collaboration with Osteria “La Forchetta”, easily reachable for those coming from the province of Cagliari, Marmilla, Bassa Barbagia and Medio Campidano and located in the main street of Mandas, Via Cagliari 135, Osteria “La Forchetta” was born in 2013 after twenty years of experience of chef Antonello Mura.
Ideal location for tourists and lovers of good food, the Osteria is distinguished by the freshness of local products, where every day are offered delicious menus of meat, fish, selections of the best cheeses and meats of Sardinia, classic desserts and exclusive recipes by the chef.
At the Osteria “La Forchetta” care, tradition and innovation are the watchwords that distinguish the cuisine of the master Mura in the province of Cagliari and Sardinia.
Menu “Sentieri Ducali
Carpaccio of octopus and scorzone truffle
Squid julienne on chickpea cream and botargo Ravioli of monkfish and shrimp with squid ragout
Slice of sea bream in eggplant foil and tomato cream with vermentino wine Catu semifreddo with melted dark chocolate
€ 42 compr.
Combined ticket House Museum “Is lollas de is Aiaiusu” and Museum of Sacred Art “Peregrinatio Fidei” € 38 included Single museum ticket